Harvest Festival Announcement


Allotment progress: growing steady!

The last three weeks have been great for Gardening Club – we now have a real, growing allotment plot! Our peas, lettuces, radishes and carrots have germinated, and are quickly growing. We were all very impressed by the quick growth of shallots – they look quite majestic next to our little spring onions!

We have used our ‘indoors’ time to work on the Harvest Festival coming up at the end of June, to learn about pests, diseases and how to prevent crop damage, but mostly we have been outside! In sunshine and gloomy weather, battling winds, we have all worked hard on maintaining our allotment – we are on top of weeding, we have planted out most of our seedlings (with leeks and pumpkins still to go!) and are enjoying rushing to the garden every week to see how much the plants have grown.

It is particularly exciting and rewarding to see the pupils apply what they learned from the lessons and discussions in the allotment – a great combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Fingers crossed, we will soon be harvesting radishes and lettuces!