Teaching resources

Here you can find the teaching resources developed by Gergana Daskalova for Trinity Academy Gardening Club. We are happy to share them with other gardening clubs and schools, but please let us know if you are planning to use them, so that we can learn about other Gardening Clubs around Scotland.


The main teaching resource represents a booklet, “A Teacher’s Guide to Gardening in Schools” and can be downloaded from here.

There are two worksheets, which accompany it, a Movie Day reflection sheet, and a Farm visit reflection sheet.

A promotional presentation can be downloaded and edited to suit school and staff names from here. There are notes embedded in the Powerpoint to aid delivery.

Six presentations are available to facilitate the delivery of the lessons:

Note: Lesson 3 is the Movie Day Lesson, and as the pupils will be watching a movie, no presentation is needed – the Movie Day worksheet is available from here.


The board game “Herbology: friends vs. enemies” is also available for free downloading and use. You can download all the necessary components here, print and cut out the cards, and will be ready to present pupils with the opportunity for an exciting and educational game. The board is meant to be printed in A3 size, with everything else in A4, and the sheets can be laminated to increase durability.